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For Your Sweet Tooth: Best Dessert Places in Dubai

For Your Sweet Tooth: Best Dessert Places in Dubai

on Aug 29, 2022

As a multinational, cosmopolitan city, Dubai has an incredible variety of cuisines. You don't need to search far to find the craving your heart desires, especially desserts. In fact, finding incredible dessert places in Dubai is a piece of cake.

If you are or know someone who is a chocoholic, sugar-lover, sweets gourmand, and everything in between. We've got a list of some of the best dessert places in Dubai. And, fun fact: not all these places are designated for desserts only! Read on to find your newest sugar-craving destination.

Ladurée Paris

This is one of the best dessert places in Dubai for dessert aficionados. Ladurée Paris is a globally acclaimed dessert spot that will tickle your fancy. This bakery has made a name for itself in French pastries through its inception of macaron in the 19th century. Make sure to drop in for decadent desserts such as the Rose Religieuse, the Rose-Raspberry Saint-Honoré, the Liquorice Millefeuille and the Blackcurrant-Violet Macaron. Ladurée has a wide range of innovative, gluten-free and delicious desserts that many consider the best desserts in Dubai.


What sounds delicious on a hot summer's day? Frozen yoghurt. Pinkberry is another well-known dessert restaurant in Dubai that does frozen yoghurt unlike anyone else. Their frozen yoghurt is unmatched, with a delicious offering of various flavours and toppings. For an extra delicious experience, you can also pick a refreshing beverage from a selection of unique drinks and shakes. Grab some friends and head to Pinkberry in Nakheel Mall for a refreshing cup of sweet swirls.

Koala Picks

If you have younger siblings, kids, or other little kiddos in your life, Koala Picks are a must-try. This health-conscious brand promotes healthy eating habits for children by offering a range of yummy, healthy snacks and foods for kids and parents alike. Take a day with your favourite munchkins and swing by the stand at Depachika Food Hall for a wholesome treat.  You're sure to get nutritious foods with no preservatives, no artificial additives and absolutely no refined sugars. Only the good sweets, and no nasty nonsense for one of the best desserts in Dubai.


One of the most incredible things about desserts is that you'll find a delicious sweet no matter where you are in the world. Mochi, an ice cream dessert from Japan, makes its home at Nakheel Mall through M'OISHÎ. This Japanese sweets brand merges authenticity and craftsmanship with modernism to create a refreshing taste experience, now arguably one of the best dessert places in Dubai. Meet a delightful blend of Japanese and local ingredients to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

The Lime Tree

Support your local businesses! The Lime Tree is home to a fantastic kitchen and cafe with a love for great food, coffee, and a homey vibe. This homegrown brand specialises in gluten-free and vegan products, perfect for those who want to explore new desserts or have dietary restrictions. Treat yourself to a fantastic variety of cakes, bread, and muffins from their in-house bakery and feel the love in every bite.


If you're looking to keep in tip-top shape without sacrificing your love for sweets, Vshakes is the answer. This local brand grew out of a need to keep up with a hectic schedule and ensure everyone at home was well-fed and satisfied. As such, Vshakes was born. Get a delicious protein shake, revitalising smoothie, and more - with 0 added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Vshakes can be a delightful dessert in a cup, perfect for dessert lovers that want to treat their body like a temple.


Are you head over heels in love with the McFlurry? Think a sundae and fries duo is the perfect snack? Make sure to step into the world of McCafé for more sweet bites. There's plenty to pick from. If you want a delicious drink, mouth-watering dessert or refreshing smoothie, McCafé is best. At the Nakheel Mall food court, satisfy your coffee shop needs with the guaranteed taste of McDonald's desserts. This coffee house is a fun spot to pass by on a hectic shopping day - enjoy your desserts and sweet drinks the McDonald's way at one of the best dessert cafes in Dubai. 


Known as one of Dubai's best dessert spots - SugarMoo does sweets differently! Satisfy the sweet tooth in you with daily, freshly baked desserts. Cakes here are not ordinary; you will find the richest cakes with decadent ingredients. For chocolate lovers, get the Red Velvet Oreo Crunch Cake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting between layers of crushed Oreos. As one of the top dessert places in Dubai, SugarMoo also provides plenty of East-West hybrid desserts on the menu and all-time favourites with a twist to satisfy everyone's taste. To discover why this brand is considered #1 for best cakes and cupcakes in Dubai, head to Depachika Food Hall at Nakheel Mall.

Shake Shack

Expect the unexpected; Shake Shack! Did you know that they also have delicious desserts! This fast food joint is widely known for its take on burgers - a simple menu with high-quality ingredients. Their desserts and sweets section also never ceases to amaze. Shake Shack's roster of delicious desserts, with the iconic Classic Shake, Float, and Concrete dessert. If you love chocolate, fruity flavours, or anything in between, you will find a dessert to hit that sweet spot.

Dessert Lovers Delight

There we have it, a list of the best dessert places in Dubai right here at Nakheel Mall. The list goes on, but you'll have to head on over to see for yourself!
Finding these spots is as easy as pie. Head to the Depachika Food Hall and the Food Court to check out these incredible sweet places
Make your life sweeter with some of the best desserts in Dubai!



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