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Best Crepe & Waffle Places in Dubai

Best Crepe & Waffle Places in Dubai

on Nov 11, 2022

Waffles and crepes - one of the most popular breakfast dishes worldwide. Whether in Dubai or vacationing abroad, you’ll always find a place that serves its version of these beautiful meals. Whether topped with your favourite fresh fruits or drenched in maple syrup, we’ve got a list of places serving the best waffles in Dubai.

For your next brunch date or sweets craving, make sure to check out our selection of the best waffles and crepes in Dubai:


1. Läderach

If you want to savour the authentic chocolates of Switzerland in Dubai, Läderach is the place for you. The upscale swiss chocolate cafe serves delectable and authentic assorted chocolates, truffles, and more. Their broad menu has enough chocolates to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. One speciality that makes Läderach stand out is their Vegan Chocolates. It is one of the few chocolate cafes in Dubai having vegan choices on its menu.

Apart from their top-tier chocolate, the cafe offers delightfuls waffle dish made for chocoholics (with and without fruit, to cut through the silkly smooth chocolate). You can also divulge in their crepes - each with a different filling, but all topped with Läderach chocolate for a decedant experienc like no other. If you crave crepes or waffles in Dubai, Läderach will not disappoint.


2. La Romana Dal 1947

If you want an unforgettable dessert experience, pop by La Romana Dal 1947! They serve the most exquisite and delicious ice cream and desserts in Dubai. People from neighbouring areas visit this place to savour sweet dishes. Enjoy their variety of pancakes, crepes, waffles, and ice cream with plenty of combinations, from salty to sweet. They have delicacies for everyone!

Try their famous ice cream or wonderful handcrafted waffles! All the morning foods you would desire, including waffles, french toast, and pancakes, are available! With the fantastic food presentation and culinary experiences, this place is a must-visit for having the best crepes in Dubai.


3. The Lighthouse

Breakfast, boutique shopping, and design all under one roof? That’s possible? At The Lighthouse, it is. Founded in Dubai in 2017, The Lighthouse creates a miltu-sensory experience as a leading restaurant and concept store. Take a day to sit back with your family and enjoy lovely Mediterranean-inspired dishes prepared from fresh and seasonal produce.

It’s an absolute must to order the classic waffles from their breakfast menu for those who love a classic waffle dish. If you’re a bit more unconventional, get yourself the chicken and waffles from the brunch menu. Don’t wait to try this unique blend of flavours - book a spot at The Lighthouse to try some of the best waffles in Dubai.


4. L’ETO

And last on our list, but not least, is L’ETO! This delightful cafe and resto serves a wide variety of dishes that will appeal to all tastebuds. Step into a vintage yet modern space with hints of modern colonial elements to immerse you into a warm and intimate atmosphere for a top-tier experience. Since 2016, L’ETO has been a local hub for both locals and tourists to gather for a meal - a true UAE dining institution.

For the mornings when you’re feeling like a getaway to a tearoom, stop by L’ETO at Nakheel Mall for breakfast and tea. Make sure to order the ricotta pancakes or a crepe topped with fresh berries and Nutella. Catch the L’ETO breakfast menu before 4 PM for a delicious morning.


A Shoutout to Starbucks

Satisfy all your sweet taste buds at one of the most popular cafes in Dubai and almost every city worldwide – Starbucks. Their signature iced drinks are best to beat the scorching heat in Dubai. The diversity of food and beverages available on the menu will allow you to savour every taste bud, sweet or salty. Although Starbucks is known for its coffee, it’s also one of the best dessert places in Dubai.

To have a fun dose of waffles on the go, make sure to buy a bag of their mini waffles or a pack of their caramel waffles! This snack - inspired by the Dutch snack, Stroopwafel - consists of two waffles biscuits held together by a caramel filling. It’s light, chewy, and the perfect delight to have alongside a cup of coffee or shared among friends.


Nakheel Mall: Where The Best Waffles in Dubai Reside

Waffles and crepes are so diverse and delicious. Day or night, whether you want them with a dollop of soft butter or copious amounts of sweet maple syrup. You can also eat savoury waffles, which are equally delicious and appropriate for lunch or dinner.

Whether you have five minutes or an entire morning, take advantage of the above places to satisfy your waffle craving. Make sure to stop by each place at Nakheel Mall to enjoy the best waffles in Dubai.

If you're craving a stack of beautifully cooked waffles, try one of these crepe or waffle places in Dubai for the best fluffy breakfast in town.

For more content, check out our list of the best dessert places in Dubai for the days where you want some variety.

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