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Best Ice Cream Places in Dubai

Best Ice Cream Places in Dubai

on Nov 11, 2022

As usual, winter’s coming, but not in Dubai! With the UAE’s eternal summer, finding ways to beat the heat is a constant mission. Air conditioning and ice packs can only do so much, but sometimes you need the extra help to keep your body cool from the inside out. Thankfully, you can stay cool at the best ice cream places in Dubai! You’ll stay refreshed in this ever-lasting heat, and your tastebuds happy.

We’ve collected a short (but sweet) list of our favourite spots for your next scoop. Here are the best ice cream places in Dubai where you can explore new flavours of ice cream.


1. Massimo's Gelato

Massimo's Gelato - your new gelato spot. They utilise authentic Italian ingredients to make 100% handmade gelato. Head down to Depachika Food Hall at Nakheel Mall for some of the best gelato in Dubai.

Massimo Lapeschi, the restaurant's owner, treats quality and tradition with care and devotion daily. Each component in their gelato is hand-selected and imported from Italy. They make fresh batches of gelato every day in their kitchen, just like the handcrafted gelato of the past, using only the finest natural ingredients.

It is the first ice cream place in Dubai to deliver gelato directly to your home in minutes, thanks to its fleet of motorcycles. Enjoy the intensely creamy gelato at Massimo's and experience its distinctive flavours.


 2. La Romana Dal 1947

La Romana Dal 1947 welcomes everyone to the world of taste with its high-quality and traditional gelato flavours. They make fresh gelato daily with handpicked ingredients, including fresh cream, eggs, sugar, and organic milk - some even call it the best gelato in Dubai.

They provide flavours with carefully chosen ingredients like Marsala and trefoil hazelnut to increase customer awareness of the usage of natural products. You can also get a delightful affogato with chocolate or coffee for a blend of sweet and bitter - the best way to experience Italian flavours.

La Romana Gelateria, selling one of the best gelatos in Dubai, prepares its gelato in tiny batches at various times throughout the day. Also, ensure its gelato creaminess, freshness, and average shelf life is no longer than three hours.

Choose from the many gelato flavours available at La Romana Dal 1947 gelato shop and enjoy cold dessert in Dubai’s scorching heat. Their diverse gelato flavours will undoubtedly sate your sweet tooth and introduce you to the ancient Italian method of preparing gelato.

If you are craving ice cream at Nakheel Mall, this is one of the best ice cream places in Dubai to visit. 



M'OISHÎ is a Japanese brand known for producing authentic mochi ice cream. It is a fusion Japanese dessert with ice cream encased in Japanese mochi rice cakes, a wonderful chewy texture with the cold sweetness of ice cream. They make ice cream to satisfy client taste buds with premium ingredients from Japan and the UAE.

It is one of the best ice cream places that creates a refreshing and captivating taste experience. Their menu is a selection of mochi with a beautiful variety of ice cream flavours and other distinctive Japanese delicacies, with a wide range for an unmatched dessert experience.

Relish Japan's unique and curious tastes and beat Dubai's heat with mochi ice cream at M'OISHÎ. This is a must-visit spot, so make sure to book time in your busy schedule to stop and dive into this unique take on ice cream at one of the best ice cream places in Dubai.


4. Café Bateel  

Café Bateel is a luxury cafe offering world-renowned Mediterranean flavours. Besides serving superb Mediterranean cuisine with a local touch, Café Bateel also provides traditional Arabian hospitality. Experience a seamless fusion of European café elegance in a roomy indoor and outdoor setting.

Order the famous and delicious Rhutab ice cream platter, a Bateel signature delicacy to wrap up a hearty meal or even on its own. Other lip-smacking ice creams on their menu include Raspberry Sorbet and Artisan Ice Cream.

Want to make your ice cream extra fun? You can add toppings to enhance your ice cream flavour. Pick between caramel sauce, caramelised pecans, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, or even a mix for your ideal ice cream.


We Scream for Ice Cream!

The best part about ice cream stores in Dubai is their innovative spirit. Businesses strive to develop new ice cream flavours and styles to appeal to our ever-changing palette and the need to stay cool and refreshed. Plenty of foodies say that ice cream in Dubai is unmatched.

Now that we’ve gone through what we consider the best ice cream places in Dubai, it’s time to try them out! When you’re next in Dubai, or need a quick afternoon snack, you know which store to hit when you crave a sweet and cold dessert.

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