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Unique Restaurant Design Nakheel Mall

Nakheel Mall’s unique gastronomical getaway

on Nov 05, 2019

Are you a self-professed foodie looking for something a little outside of the regular? Perhaps a dining experience sure to impress, situated in the heart of Palm Jumeirah? Then Dubai’s Nakheel Mall certainly is the place for you.


With a cacophony of Dubai’s best restaurants all under one roof, it may present a difficult feat to decide where to satiate your taste buds. But no need to fret here’s our round-up of the more unique and fine dining offerings up for the taking in Nakheel Mall.


Din Tai Fung

 Multi-award-winning Chinese restaurant


Calling all dumpling aficionados, pull up a chair at Din Tai Fung. Ranked as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times, Din Tai Fung provides a sensational culinary experience. Top chefs expertly marry only the freshest flavours with expertly concocting authentic Chinese dishes, a welcome attribute given the rise in healthy eating.

The menu is diverse and bursting with flavours, one of the most popular plates being Xiao long bao. These delightful steamed dumplings originate from Shanghai and are stuffed with meat as well as a small amount of hot soup. If those don’t tickle your fancy, there’s plenty of noodle and rice dishes to satiate your appetite.



Sapori di BICE

The best in Italian cuisine


If there’s a cuisine perfect for all the family, it’s Italian. The Sapori di BICE restaurant brand has won plenty of awards, including the best Italian restaurant in Dubai, and it’s not hard to understand why. The menu has an inventive and utterly delicious choice of Italian-inspired dishes. It’s famous for its pizza, with popular options including capricciosa and tartufara featuring fresh truffle sauce, but you’ll also love the antipasti sharing platters, starters, calzones and salads.

If you can’t get enough of your pasta, there are some excellent dishes on offer. Take your pick from Spaghetti gamberoni, pappardelle and many more. The menu also includes mouth-watering risotto and sumptuous meat and fish dishes such as crusted salmon and aged steaks.



Pad Thai

Thailand’s finest culinary offerings


Widely regarded as one of the best Thai restaurants in Dubai, Pad Thai brings you a collection of South-East Asian flavours to the centre of Palm Jumeirah. We aren’t just talking divine food here, but an ethereal ambience to go with it. The attention to detail in both food and décor is nothing short of magical. This is an excellent spot for lunch, should you require a pit stop from all that shopping or an excuse to pop out of the office and unwind.

This contemporary, glamorously decorated restaurant offers incredible traditional plates in elegant surroundings. Expect signature and classic dishes including curries, wok-fried rice and noodles. Escape to Thailand, even just for a few memorable hours, with Pad Thai at Nakheel Mall’s food court.



Contemporary fusion cuisine


Nar offers a unique concept amidst the Dubai dining trends, drawing together the best in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Their best-selling dishes include the lahm bi ajin maoucheh, zaatar manoucheh and the akawi cheese manoucheh (kindly verify the correctness of spellings); all served in an ambient setting. Every meal at Nar is prepared with the highest quality, freshest ingredients and one can truly taste the difference.

This elegant and welcoming restaurant is situated in Nakheel Mall’s rooftop. You really won’t be able to resist the delicious scents emanating from Nar; this place fills up fast, so make sure you get there early to grab a good spot.


Nakheel Mall is undoubtedly the best destination for dining in Dubai. The only remaining question is, which restaurant will you try first?


Unique Restaurant Design Nakheel Mall
Nakheel Mall’s unique <br/>gastronomical getaway
Unique Restaurant Design Nakheel Mall
Nakheel Mall

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