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Best Pancakes in Dubai

Best Pancakes in Dubai

on Jan 31, 2023

Best Pancakes in Dubai

Nothing makes a Sunday morning quite as special as a delicious stack of pancakes. Whether it's a classic stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes or a pancake loaded with seasonal fruits and chocolate chips, one thing remains the same - a good breakfast always contains pancakes! If you're ever in Dubai looking for amazing pancakes, we’ve got you covered. From classic pancake stacks at cosy cafés to vegan options, here are some places with the best pancakes in Dubai!



First up on our list is L'ETO. This place serves classic pancakes with a twist - it's made extra fluffy with your choice of Strawberry and Apples topping and stuffing, or Ricotta cheese melted inside for a divine savoury twist. The best part? All the ingredients used by this café are organic and locally sourced. Indulge yourself and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable dining experience at L'ETO Dubai.

Enjoy a cup of coffee with their delicious pancakes in this homely café. Their fabulous flavours and unparalleled ambience make it one of the premium cafés in Dubai - a perfect spot for food lovers looking for something special! Take some time out of your day and reward yourself by spending a tranquil afternoon here - you deserve it!


Fun fact: you can also find the best waffles in Dubai right here.


Paul Bakery and Restaurant

Embark on a gastronomic journey to Paul Bakery and Restaurant to find the best pancakes in Dubai! This quaint establishment provides diners with delectable sweet treats, including Vanilla Puff and Chocolate Puff pancakes that will tantalise your taste buds.


Not only can you enjoy pancakes here, but you can also savour delightful French-inspired meals and snacks for an unforgettable experience. Step inside this warm yet sophisticated atmosphere - we promise it's worth the visit!


For the simpler things in life, McCafé has what you need. Get yourself a cup of coffee and a serving of Hotcakes (the Mcdonalds' version of pancakes) for an easy breakfast on the go. Their Hotcakes are delightful, with a light yet fluffy texture further enhanced by the maple syrup and butter topping.


These classic American-style pancakes may not be gourmet, but they sure make for a great snack! McCafé offers quick service and affordability - perfect for busy days or when you need a sweet treat (breakfast or delicious ice cream)! So, next time you're at Nakheel Mall and looking for some yummy hotcakes, McCafé is the place to go to.


The Lighthouse

Pancakes don't have to be complicated; sometimes, the simpler they are, the better! The Lighthouse at Nakheel Mall is your destination for a classic pancake breakfast. Enjoy this delectable staple in an elegant café with chantilly cream and maple syrup drizzled over seasonal berries. This is truly the destination for delicious and fresh pancakes in Dubai.


You wouldn't want to miss out on The Lighthouse shop either; here, you'll find handpicked gift merchandise, including glassware items, travel accessories, regional and international design books, and papeteries that make great gifts or keepsakes.


The Lime Tree

Are you vegan and looking for the best pancakes in Dubai? Look no further than The Lime Tree! This local favourite specialises in gluten-free, vegan dishes and their popular Poached Orange and Cinnamon Pancakes are a must-try. These triple-layer fluffy treats come with poached oranges and cream - all made from organic, locally sourced ingredients for an extra guilt-free kick to one's morning meal. Take advantage of this treat when searching for healthier options; head to The Lime Tree today!

Cafe Bateel

If you're seeking a savoury alternative to traditional pancakes in Dubai, look no further than the famous Italian Farinata Pancakes at Café Bateel! Perfectly poached eggs are nestled between delicious chickpea and Parmesan pancakes with red pepper piperade and avocado, topped off with cannellini beans, olives and tomato salsa. Explore your taste buds like never before when indulging in this delightful dish!


At Café Bateel, experience the best that the world has to offer on your plate. Start off each morning with an elevated breakfast in a combination of Arabian hospitality and European café luxury - all within a spacious indoor or outdoor atmosphere. Don't miss their signature caffeine-free Date coffee, which pairs perfectly with their delightfully savoury pancakes for an unforgettable classic breakfast reimagined!


Pancakes Made Wonderful in Dubai

Finding the best pancakes in Dubai is easy, especially at Nakheel Mall! Whether you're looking for a classic American-style pancake or something more unique and vegan-friendly, there's an option for everyone. From Paul Bakery & Restaurant to McCafé, and even the gluten-free and vegan The Lime Tree - their Poached Orange and Cinnamon Pancakes are not to be missed!

Your weekend morning can only get better with a wonderful serving of delicious and fluffy pancakes. So, if you're craving delicious pancakes in Dubai, head down to Nakheel Mall today!

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