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Nakheel Mall Monorail Station

5 Reasons why you should check ...

on Nov 09, 2019

Nakheel Mall is a unique destination in Palm Jumeirah, the state-of-the-art mall offers plenty of ways to while away an afternoon!  Now with plenty of experience, we understand well, shopping trips can bring about a whole melting pot of feelings. Excitement to get to your favourite stores and treat yourself to something beautiful, the anticipation of which tantalising dishes you might refuel on throughout the day and just simply looking forward to spending some quality time with your favourite shopping trip sidekicks.   But, did you ...

Unique Restaurant Design Nakheel Mall

Nakheel Mall’s unique gastronomical getaway

on Nov 05, 2019

Are you a self-professed foodie looking for something a little outside of the regular? Perhaps a dining experience sure to impress, situated in the heart of Palm Jumeirah? Then Dubai’s Nakheel Mall certainly is the place for ...

Nakheel Mall Top View

The ultimate guide to Nakheel Mall!

on Nov 01, 2019

After months of anticipation-Nakheel Mall is finally here! The luxurious shopping mall is set in the heart of Palm Jumeirah. Its mix of designer brands and the best of the high street makes Nakheel Mall the perfect place to indulge a passion for ...


Nakheel Mall

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