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Main Types of Tourism in Dubai

on Mar 05, 2024

Dubai is on everyone’s bucket list, and rightfully so, thanks to the endless fun and memorable experiences it has to offer. From theme parks perfect for families and sparking your childlike sense of wonder to the top malls in the world and the most captivating flavours of every cuisine, Dubai truly has something for everyone.

In other words, there are various types of tourism in Dubai, each catering to tourists' preferences and expectations. In this article, we will explore the main types of tourism in Dubai to guide you in planning your trip to the Emirate.

Business Tourism

Business tourism is also known as business or corporate travel, and it refers to travelling to a certain location for work and professional purposes. This type of tourism usually includes the following activities:

Attending meetings, conferences, and seminars.
Meeting up with clients and business partners.
Participating in corporate events.
Working according to the usual schedule but in a different office location for the same company.

While business tourism is mostly dedicated to work, business trips still have a leisure aspect to them. Professionals travelling for work can unwind with the following activities:

Exploring historical sites and visiting landmarks and museums.
Dining out and trying the local cuisine or other culinary experiences.
Shopping, favoured by many, especially when visiting Dubai.
Outdoor activities like golf, water sports, and hiking.
Cultural experiences, including music festivals, theatre, and others.

Leisure Tourism

Contrary to business tourism, leisure tourism refers to individuals and groups travelling to specific destinations for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment rather than business purposes. That said, leisure tourism encompasses a wide range of diverse activities—both indoor and outdoor, daytime and night-time, active and relaxed.

This type of tourism includes various subtypes, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of travellers. This is especially evident in Dubai, where most types of tourism offer vibrant and fulfilling experiences for all visitors.

Some of the subtypes are:

Cultural tourism.
Sports tourism.
Rural tourism.
Mountain tourism.
Urban tourism.
Shopping tourism.

Below is an exploration of some of these types.

Cultural Tourism

This type of tourism revolves around exploring new cultures and partaking in cultural festivals and local traditions. Those who travel for the purpose of immersing themselves in new cultures generally participate in the following activities:

Visiting historical sites and landmarks like ancient remains and castles.

Exploring galleries and museums, learning more about the country’s history and art and its current artistic landscape.
Attending cultural events and festivals, where the country’s history, heritage, and folklore are celebrated through music, art, performance, and cuisine.


Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is another type of tourism and a sub-type of leisure tourism, and it is dedicated to sporting events and sport activities, meaning that travellers either observe sports or actively participate in them.

Below are some common activities for sports travellers:

Attending football matches, basketball games, tennis tournaments, motor racing events, and others. Sports fans also travel to attend major sporting championships like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Participating in competitions, tournaments, and marathons, whether for amateurs or professionals.

Partaking in wellness-focused activities, which are relevant for travellers who join fitness programmes, yoga retreats, and fitness boot camps.

Shopping Tourism

As the name suggests, shopping tourism is all about shopping. It refers to trips where the main objective is to shop in malls, specialty shops, traditional markets, and boutiques.

Travellers enjoy this type of tourism as it allows them access to brands that are not available in their home country, and it provides them with a wide range of unique products and great deals.

Moreover, shopping tourism offers cultural experiences along with the shopping trips, especially when shopping in local markets and traditional ones, like Souks in Dubai.

Shopping Tourism in Dubai

Dubai is a prime destination for those who travel to shop thanks to its rich shopping and retail landscape, comprising the biggest and most luxurious malls, boutiques, specialty shops, and souks. Dubai’s tax-free shopping environment and shopping festivals are just two of the many reasons travellers from around the world love to shop in the Emirate.

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Do you want to explore its malls and retail shops? Then, you must start at Nakheel Mall, located on Palm Jumeirah, the biggest man-made island in the world. It has an impressive range of luxury shops and top brands, where you can shop for women’s and men’s clothes, footwear, accessories, sunglasses, perfumes, gifts, toys, and much more.

Nakheel Mall is your best destination for a delightful and fulfilling shopping experience in Dubai. Not only that, but it is also home to the top entertaining outlets, cafés, and eateries catering to all tastes and preferences. Discover Nakheel Mall now for an extraordinary shopping experience in Dubai.




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