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Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-Free Diet: What It Is and Its Benefits

on Mar 01, 2023


Gluten-Free Diet: What It Is and Its Benefits

Need help figuring out where to start with a gluten-free diet? If you've been diagnosed with celiac disease or suffer from any gluten sensitivity, sure, your doctor may have suggested it, but what's it for, and why is it beneficial? Let this post answer all those questions - whether you're just beginning on your journey of cutting out gluten or already living that life.

What Is Gluten, and Where Is It Found?

Gluten is a protein found in foods made with wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and oats (in some cases). It's what makes bread and other doughs stretchy and elastic. This protein can cause discomfort for gluten-sensitive or gluten-intolerant people - whether it's mild (stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, and more) or severe (intestinal damage, unintentional weight loss, and more).


Why A Gluten-Free Diet?

If you have celiac disease, a non-celiac gluten allergy, a wheat allergy, or gluten-ataxia (an autoimmune disorder) - then a gluten-free diet is ideal for you. But gluten-free diets aren't just for people who need to avoid them; many choose to opt for gluten-free meals as part of their regular rotation to improve digestion and overall health.

Others opt for gluten-free diets to benefit from their potential health benefits. So, a gluten-free diet might be worth considering for those looking to improve their overall health or manage chronic symptoms.


What Are the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet?

If you have recently decided to follow a gluten-free diet, then you likely know of some benefits it can bring. Some of the benefits include:


  • Improved digestion

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Lower cholesterol levels

  • Balanced hormones

  • Improved energy levels and mental clarity

  • Increased nutrient absorption

  • Reduced risk of developing chronic diseases


By avoiding processed foods with added wheat or grain ingredients and focusing on natural food sources, this diet is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to experience the benefits of going gluten-free.

How Can I Follow a Gluten-Free Diet?

If you're curious about trying out a gluten-free diet or finding more gluten-free food items, then you're in luck! Eating gluten-free has become more accessible and widely accepted in the past few years. Hence, things like gluten-free desserts and whatnot are more popular than ever.


To ensure you can meet your daily nutrient needs on a gluten-free diet, identify which gluten-free foods are sources of the essential macronutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need. Some ingredients to keep an eye out for include:

  • Whole grains like gluten-free oat ringlets or gluten-free brown rice puffs

  • Gluten-free cereal flakes and tubers

  • Lean proteins include eggs, tofu, tempeh, and certified gluten-free deli meats

  • Healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and seeds

  • Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables


By incorporating these nutrient-rich food items into your gluten-free diet plan, you can feel confident that your body will get all the necessary nutrients. Above all else, consult a medical professional to see what macros, vitamins, and other nutrients you need to stay on top of and cater to your diet accordingly.

How to Find Gluten-Free Desserts in Dubai

One of the most challenging things people on a gluten-free diet face is finding good desserts. However, if you're gluten-free and living in Dubai, you don't have to miss out on sweet treats! There are many ways to enjoy gluten-free desserts despite having a gluten-free diet. First, check out gluten-free cafes in your area and see what they offer. If baking is more your style, many stores now stock a variety of gluten-free flours and recipes to try at home. The possibilities are endless, so go and explore the gluten-free dessert world in Dubai!


Begin Your Gluten-Free Diet Journey

A gluten-free diet can benefit those dealing with digestive issues and medical needs. Not only does it improve digestion, but it also boosts your energy levels. Concentrate on nutrient-dense whole foods instead of processed products to ensure you get the most out of this lifestyle change. Although there is potential to reap many rewards from going gluten-free, please remember that planning meals and monitoring consumption are crucial for avoiding any risks associated with this diet plan.


If you live in Dubai or are travelling there soon and are looking for satisfying, delicious desserts without any trace of gluten, there is no shortage of incredible places that serve great gluten-free treats! Check out places like The Lime Tree, William Di Carlo, and more at Nakheel Mall for cuisine that will make your taste buds happy. These local gems offer some of the best food and flavours Dubai offers. Bon appétit!


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