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The Joys Of Shopping At Nakheel Mall

The Joys of Shopping at Nakheel Mall

on Nov 12, 2019

What kind of shopper are you?

Find out at Nakheel Mall!

Ordinary or extraordinary experiences. You’ll find both in Dubai’s Nakheel Mall, and not to mention locally owned speciality shops with thousands of items to browse.And that’s what makes discovering the joy of shopping in Nakheel Mall so much fun, as one of the UAE’S best shopping malls. There’s everything you need and so much more, from handmade chocolates and fine loose-leaf teas to designer apparel and high-end kitchen wares. But what kind of shopper are you? With so many shops to peruse, discover here where to head next!


The outdoor lover

You’re not quite sure why you’re inside Nakheel Mall, you much prefer the thrill of outdoor pursuits. That said you must stock up on all of your adventurous apparel somewhere! Head to Sun & Sand Sports, Tutus Kurniarti resort wear or Superdry. You can also find fashionable yoga wear at the LíQuido store.


The bargain shopper

You’re the first in line for the seasonal sales, and you never miss a good discount. If you like to save your money and still shop till you drop, Nakheel Mall has some prime bargain shopping spots. Check out Tchibo, Brands for Less and Homes for Less. The store brings affordable mid-range brands to Nakheel Mall and the choice to spend less on over 3,000 brands available in-store


The researcher

You want to buy a new 42-inch LCD TV. So, what do you do? You browse a few consumer magazines. You visit 10 different websites that offer television reviews. You spend five months researching every brand and every model of 42-inch LCD televisions. Based on that information, you might make a decision. Or you could just pop into one of Nakheel Mall’s electrical stores, see the goods in action for yourself and speak to an expert! Check out Samsung, Eros or Tarsam Trading.


The high-end shopper

You have a penchant for the finer things in life, and shopping for you is an experience from the minute you set your foot instore. If you want to be treated like royalty and advised well on your purchases head to Giulio Twist, Levant jewellers, Oud Dubai, Rivoli or Pierre Noir.


The loyalist

You buy everything, and we mean everything, from the same store. You’ve got 10 different discount and loyalty cards of varying sizes for that one shop. There’s the one for your wallet, your key chain, your phone, your purse, your back pocket—and don’t forget the one you customised into an earring for emergencies. When you enter that store, you’re greeted like a celebrity. Everyone there knows your name. Perhaps its global retailer H&M, or fast fashion shop XIMIVOGUE.


The upcoming occasion shopper

There’s something fancy on the horizon, perhaps a wedding or a work party. Either way, you need to get glammed up, refreshed and purchase the perfect evening outfit. Nakheel Mall has everything from beauty spas, to wedding and evening dress designers to ensure you look and feel great. Are you looking for the classic shirt? Check Gant. After a stunning hijab? Explore Kashkha Plaza. Peruse Rosa Clara or Sacoor Brothers for the perfect evening outfit. For beauty and hair, make a beeline towards Tony and Lee or NStyle Salon.


Just came for a quick lunch!

So, you didn’t pop by Nakheel Mall to replenish your wardrobe; instead, you need your fast food fix. Rest assured Nakheel Mall’s food court has many quick eateries to choose from. There’s plenty of worldwide favourites such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, Starbucks and many more!


There are just so many outlets to explore in this fantastic shopping mall in the heart of Palm Jumeirah!


The Joys Of Shopping At Nakheel Mall
The Joys of Shopping <br/>at Nakheel Mall
The Joys Of Shopping At Nakheel Mall
Nakheel Mall

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