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Nail Designs You Must Do in 2022

on Jun 28, 2022

You don’t wait a couple of months to do your nails. It’s not like a haircut. It’s a design you put on your nails every couple of weeks. Of course, that’s only if you’re doing a gel nail design. Just like fashion and jewellery, nail designs are changing every year. If you’re into the latest trends, you’ll definitely want to know the newest ones for nails. There are so many designs and trends it’s hard to keep up, but there are a few nail designs you must do in 2022.


French Manicure With a Twist

Who doesn’t like french? I mean, it’s another timeless look that looks good with everything. Yet, this year we’re adding a twist to the usual french. Instead of the classic French manicure, you can add a bold line hue to your nails. 

Another way to wear the french is to choose a bright colour for the nail with a white tip.


Timeless Red

You can never say no to red nail polish, especially if you’re looking for a timeless colour that will last you for days. It’s a colour you can wear during winter and summer, mostly during the festive season, but you can see it all year round. The best part is it matches every outfit, so the elegant colour looks good with any outfit.


Swirl Nail Art 

Have you seen any swirl nail art lately? It’s everywhere. As long as the colour combination works together, it would look terrific. If you’re unsure what colours to choose, you can always ask. Yet, it’s all about which season we’re in, and since summer is almost here, we’re going to suggest choosing bright vibrant colours.


Confetti Glitter, Rhinestone, & More

Dare to be different and add a twist to your nail design. In 2022, we’re not looking for a simple nail design, we’re looking for an edgy look; we’re looking to take an extra mile and look different! 

You can start with something simple such as confetti glitter, which has been trending since the beginning of 2022. If you’re seeking a bold look, bring your favourite jewels, rhinestones, gems, and studs because we’ve got eye-catching designs for your nails.


Pastel Colour With a Design

Don’t like the bright, bold colours? No problem because pastel colours are still trending, but you’ll need a simple design with them to stay in style. It can be as simple as a flower, but a pastel colour alone is not enough in 2022.


Minimalist Design

There’s no need to go above and beyond. If you like to keep it simple, you can put colour with a simple design. It can be as simple as vertical lines or stripes. 
You’ve got six months left to do the following designs and then start over with new designs that 2023 will bring. So which one will you start with?

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