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Interesting Facts About Dubai | Nakheel Mall

Interesting Facts About Dubai

on Feb 01, 2024

The world has taken notice of Dubai, a city known for its wealth and grandeur due to its futuristic architecture, glittering skyline, and abundant way of life. As we go into the centre of this energetic city, let's discover the unique characteristics that make Dubai unique.

What is Interesting About Dubai?

Dubai captivates the world with its fascinating blend of modernity and extravagance. Let's explore some of the most interesting facts about Dubai:

1. Top Destination for Shopaholics 

If you enjoy shopping, you should go to Dubai. Nakheel Mall is located in Dubai, known as one of the top destinations for food, shopping, and entertainment. It is one of the city's most thrilling places to buy and enjoy retail therapy in Dubai.

2. Home to the Largest Artificial Island

One of the most interesting facts about Dubai lies in its innovations. The largest artificial island in the world, Palm Jumeirah, is located in Dubai, which is a fascinating fact. The 2007 construction of Palm Jumeirah was a collaborative effort between Dutch speciality firms Van Oord and Boskalis and Nakheel Properties. 

The artificial island archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, contains Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, extending Dubai's coastline by 320 meters. Why is it a well-liked tourist destination? Palm Jumeirah is a tourist's paradise, offering everything from opulent boutique hotels to theme parks and residential complexes.

3. Rapid Development in Decades

You can't help but be impressed by the vision of the Dubai leadership when you consider how far the city has come. Sheikh Rashid was the first to express alarm about what would happen to Dubai if its oil supplies ran out. It was Sheikh Mohammed who made Dubai the international city that it is today.

Dubai is a city that seems to evolve even more each time you visit. There are a ton of new construction projects, tourism destinations, etc., going underway. It's a place that constantly changes, offering something fresh each time you visit.

4. Growing Skyscrapers

In Dubai, at least ten buildings are constructed annually. With 41 structures taller than 100 meters completed in one year, 2007 was a record year. Like Hong Kong and New York, Dubai is among the top five global cities with the most skyscrapers.

What Traditions Are in Dubai?

Dubai's modern skyline is built upon a strong foundation of tradition that permeates the city. This fascinating city is known for the following traditions:

1. An Unexpected Sport

Falconry is a revered tradition in Dubai, symbolising the region's rich cultural heritage. This ancient art form involves training falcons for hunting and is celebrated at various cultural festivals. It represents the deep connection between nature and Emirati culture, showcasing the skill and bond between falconer and bird.

2. Traditional Souks

Even though Dubai is renowned for its modernity, it nonetheless values its history. Customary marketplaces, such as the Gold and Spice Souks, provide an insight into the city's past as a commercial hub. Immersion in these lively marketplaces' vivid hues and fragrant scents is possible for visitors.

3. Majlis Culture

The idea of the majlis, a customary gathering place where visitors are greeted with warmth and charity, is fundamental to Dubai's hospitality. The city's dedication to promoting a sense of connectedness and community is reflected in this cultural legacy.


What is Unique About Dubai Culture?

Dubai's uniqueness lies not only in its towering skyscrapers but also in its distinctive cultural identity. Here's why Dubai's culture is truly unique:

1. Tolerance and Diversity

The cultures of Dubai harmoniously integrate people from different backgrounds and countries. As a result of the city's promotion of tolerance and variety, Dubai is a cultural melting pot where individuals from all over the world cohabit and add to its unique identity.

2. Futuristic Vision

Dubai's culture is not limited by customs; it also strongly emphasises embracing innovation and modern technology. Dubai's culture reflects a forward-thinking approach that distinguishes it on the world stage, from driverless metro systems to ambitious plans for a Mars Science City.

3. Year of Tolerance

Declaring 2019 as the "Year of Tolerance," Dubai reaffirmed its commitment to advancing inclusivity, understanding, and tolerance. This innovative project demonstrates Dubai's commitment to creating a global community and bridging cultural divides.

Wrapping up Interesting Facts About Dubai

Dubai is a city that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering various culturally rich and contemporary experiences. From iconic skyscrapers to traditional sports like Falconry, Dubai has something for everyone. One of its most notable attractions is Nakheel Mall, a known spot on Palm Jumeirah for everyone to enjoy while navigating this architectural marvel. Enjoy delicious food, top shops, and so much more.

Nakheel Mall

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