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Fashion Enthusiasts’ Guide to Fashion Trends in 2022

Fashion Enthusiasts’ Guide to Fashion Trends in 2022

on Apr 27, 2022

 Fashion trends are constantly changing. Today's trends might not be the same as yesterday’s, so can you imagine what it’s like between one year and the other. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with some trends available for every season. Just in case you’re not sure, here’s a reminder of what’s coming back to the runway in 2022.


Colours and Patterns

No more black, white, or grey colours as you follow fashion trends in 2022, instead you’re going for some bold colours, shapes, and patterns. They’re made to make you stand out, so choose the right colours, mix and match them together to create an extraordinary outfit. Colourful tops, coats, and even bags should all be on your shopping list. Style the items you buy like you’re on the cover of a Vogue magazine.


Catsuits are on top of the fashion trends in 2022. The convenient yet stylish one-piece outfit that doesn’t require a lot of effort to be worn, as seen on many runways. Even celebrities are seen wearing them, so make sure to buy your own one-piece outfit. It could be basic, in different patterns, or even shiny, to combine two trends in one.

Low Waist Pants

From the early 2000s all the way back to your closet a decade later. I know it’s hard to go back to those years, but if you think about it, sometime in the future, you’ll look back and think, why did we love high waisted jeans? The answer is simple; at that time, it was fashionable. So, are you going to start following the low waist pants fashion trend in 2022? Or are you going to wait it out till high waisted pants disappear from most stores?

Plaid Pieces

Fashion history repeats itself once again! So if you lived through the 90s, then you’d remember how much we loved plaid. We’ve all fallen in love with Alicia Silverstone’s yellow plaid blazer and skirt outfit in Clueless. Now it’s time to bring it back into our wardrobe. Every fashion enthusiast should shop and find the perfect plaid piece before everybody else does.

If you don’t know how to wear this trend, maybe you should try the oversized 90s aesthetic. You can wear plaid as a set, a jacket, a top, a skirt, or whatever suits you best.

Mini Skirts

Unpack your 90s and early 00’s wardrobe because it’s time to reuse those mini skirts. If you don’t own any, then it’s time to buy a new one or two. This 2022 fashion trend has reappeared on runways worldwide and is super easy to style for an outfit at any time and for any occasion. In fact, they are flattering and really easy to style with any type of top and whatever pair of shoes you prefer.

Ruched Clothes

The ruched trend isn’t going to end by 2021; it's here to stay. A mini skirt with ruching? You’ll be combining two trends in one piece; it’s the perfect combination. However, you shouldn’t miss out on flattering bodysuits, dresses, and tops, to keep your daily outfits in sync with the latest trends.

Pick and choose with ruched clothes for formal and casual outwear. Whatever ruched piece you’ve got, you’ll eventually learn that they’re easy to style.

Trench Coat with a Waist Belt

If you’re travelling during the winter holidays, that shouldn’t stop you from following popular winter trends. It isn't cold in Dubai, but you’ll definitely need a coat wherever you’re going.

Hence, make sure to shop for a trench coat with a twist around the waist. The waist belt is not the only touch that should be added to your outfit, instead, waistcoats today come in bold colours. So make sure to find a unique one that you love.

Anything that Sparkles

Shiny things in different colours are everywhere. Whether you’re looking for pants, blazers, tops, or dresses, you’ll find one in any store you go into. To look fashionable during any formal event or even during the holidays, you can always rely on shiny pieces to make a statement.

Bright Colourful Bags

The bolder the colour the better. Blue, green, yellow, or whatever colour you prefer doesn’t matter as long as you’re holding one in spring. The most important colour to have in the wardrobe is PINK! A pink bag is one of the trendiest this year and you can complete your outfit with it for any event.

That’s why we recommend you keep an eye on DKNY at Nakheel Mall to shop the trendiest bags.

Bags with a Metal Chain

Colourful with a chunky gold or silver chain is another type of bag that was seen in 2021 and is here to stay. If your wardrobe is missing one, you better start scrolling to find one and stay updated in the fashion trends in 2022. 

Chunky Loafers & Boots

Take a look around for this winter, you’ll find chunky loafers and boots all around. That’s because chunky is ‘it’ for this season.

For an edgy look, you can wear leather chunky loafers with a skirt and socks or with some leather pants. While if you’re looking to wear chunky boots there are multiple ways to match them with casual or formal dresses, skirts, and jeans.

70s Boots and Leather Ankle Boots

Take it all the way back to 50 years ago and bring back the 70s high heel boots. I don’t think I need to refresh your memories, because as a fashion enthusiast, you’ve probably bought or had an eye on one since forever. This year, make sure to have one in every colour available to match any outfit as you make your way to your next outing looking fabulous.

Another essential item to have in your closet is lace-up boots. You probably have one already since it’s been on the fashion radar for the past two years. These boots come in various styles and colours and can be considered a fall/winter staple.

Fashion enthusiasts, are you ready to go shopping and stay updated with the latest fashion trends in 2022? If you’re in the UAE, then visit Nakheel Mall and pick and choose from the trendiest fashion items from the world’s most popular brands. You’ll find your favourite stores ready with everything you need. All you need is a trip on the Palm Monorail with your credit card to shop, dine, and have a good time. After all, you’ll want to step into 2022 with a stylish look. 

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